Meet APPS, Matrak NFT Games’ game studio partner! APPS studio has been making hypercasual games for more than 5 years and they are committed to innovation at every step of their way. APPS approaches game design with an engineering mentality and progress, APPS adds value to gamers by developing games that provide a long-term, sustainable gaming experience. It is the creator of popular games such as A Word and Fashion Battle, which have reached over 50 million people worldwide. You can learn more about APPS by visiting https://apps.com.tr!

Meet Funrika, Matrak NFT Games’ first game studio partner. Funrika is a studio that creates high-quality casual games, fun to play for anyone and any age. They are a well-known studio that specializes in hybrid casual games. They’re also the creators of Funrika Top Race! Funrika’s games can be found at www.funrika.com.

Martak NFT Games studio partner, Mafia Games, is a newly founded social game development studio from Turkey. The founders are leading industry developers and they create games on a global basis for Android and iOS. For more information, visit https://mafia-games.com/!

Meet New Direction Gaming, or NDG for short, Matrak NFT Games’ game studio partner! NDG has produced many pioneering 3D simulation games over the years. With its experienced staff, NDG studio aims to perfect simulation games and explore the world of NFT’s with Matrak NFT Games. To see more NDG Studiohttp://www.ndgstudio.com.tr/

Matrak NFT Games has partnered with NFT Games in addition to its gaming studio partners. Meet The Tiny Titans, a successful implementation of the play-to-earn model. Tiny Titans rewards you for playing with your own titan. Titans are NFTs that can be collected, exchanged, and used in-game. Players can upgrade their titans and gain rewards by sending them into fights with other Titans. Your rewards increase as your Titan grows, and you acquire new perks as you level up. Tiny Titans, which employs Binance Smart Chain infrastructure to enable decentralization of all processes with smart contracts, is %100 blockchain tech. in gaming. To play Tiny Titans and earn: https://tinytitans.fi/

Moralabs was founded in 2013 in Turkey with a vision to write a success story in the mobile gaming industry. By developing multi-instance and multiplayer games with a highly experienced team Moralabs is closing in to 10 years of service. Multi-instace gaming refers to games developed to operate on different platforms such as iOS, Android and Facebook. Moralabs expertise are casual games which are categorized in crossword, casino, simulation and trivia. Google accepted Moralabs to it’s “Game Accelerator” program in May, 2019 and Moralabs is selected for a program among 1700 game studios from growing markets like Asia, Latin America, Middle East and Africa. Find out more at www.moralabs.com

Ging Games started developing mobile and web based games in 2019 at the capital of Turkey: Ankara. Ging Games aims to create a dynamic game development ecosystem that feeds on the creative freedom of individuals in the production process and design decisions are shaped around technology, art and player experience. Check out Ging Games on https://ging.games