Matrak is a general purpose blockchain based crypto-gaming distribution platform. Gaming studios can easily integrate technological building blocks of GameFi-as-a-Service and NFT-as-a-Service elements into their games, which significantly reduces “time-to-market” of their soon-to-be-released video games.

Simply play and win. All Matrak platform distributed games have built-in DeFi elements to source real economic activity-based returns for reward distribution. Winners are rewarded with cash-based returns sourced from non-inflationary tokenomics. Most, if not all games are skills-based and do not depend on chance-based events. There is no betting or gambling based cash rewards in Matrak games nor distribution of inflationary game-tokens.

You may find all types of games on Matrak platform such as racing, fantasy football, battle Royale, MMORP, card games, PVP or PVE etc. Gambling and betting-based games however will not be available.

No. All Matrak Games are free-to-play whereas some require purchasing of in-game NFT items which can be bought and sold. In order to participate in games, you will be required to keep a minimum amount of Matrak tokens in your personal wallet. Popular games will require higher minimums whereas casual and hyper casual games require low token limits to join and play.

If you have purchased NFTs that you are unable to sell, you will mostly be allowed to return them to Matrak Games for “lucky-box” based sale campaigns through which once sold you will be able to recoup your investment. Unlike most other gaming platforms, Matrak Games provides constant liquidity for players.

Absolutely. Matrak is a GameFi platform which means DeFi (decentralized finance) is already built-in for all games which includes staking. Staking rewards will be provided to those that wish to receive airdrops of new game tokens or NFTs as well as for obtaining passive income from purchased NFTs.

Matrak is available on both CEX (Centralized) and DEX (De-Centralized) Exchanges. If you are OK to do a KYC, you can but MTRK tokens from a local crypto-exchange For anonymity, simply connect your personal Metamask or TrustWallet to a DEX and purchase them from the likes of Pancake Swap, Pangolin, Trader Joe etc.

Matrak has a fixed supply of 500 Million tokens of which 40% is allocated for ecosystem development to be relased over 7-years. Team tokens (30%) is locked for three years without a cliff. In the future part of the tokens may be burned by community governance vote.

Absolutely. Like all blockchain based gaming platforms, Matrak platform distributed games have NFTs. For fantasy football games, these could be clubs, stadiums, players and for racing type games these could be cars, racing tracks etc. These NFTs can be purchased from the game studios own in game shop or from popular NFT marketplaces like OpenSea, Rarible, SuperFarm etc.

No. Matrak distributed games represent real economic value generating assets. NFTs will gain value through nurturing by gamers so that they can be sold for a higher price later to a prospective buyer. Non-gamers are also allowed to rent their NFTs to obtain passive income. Example a virtual fantasy football club needs to invest into DeFi protocols to buy footballers, transfer footballers etc so that this club could be sold for a higher price say in three years’ time for a substantial multiple of what it cost.

All “play-to-earn” rewards are sourced from passive income obtained from DeFi protocols where funds are invested. For trading-type games on Matrak, the decision rule-engine uses paper-based profits which should not be mixed with cash reward. For example in a simulated car race that runs for 30 minutes if one player uses Bitcoin investment and the other Litecoin and at the end of the race the paper-based return of Litecoin is higher than Bitcoin, the winner will be rewarded with a cash return that is sourced from DeFi, not the portfolio performance of the trading game.

Surely. If you’re not a die-hard video gamer, you can earn from trading of in-game NFT assets or by renting out your NFTs to other players. There are many roles in Matrak published games and passive income generation is one of them.

Mostly No. All Matrak published games require a minimum amount of Matrak tokens to be held in a personal wallet. However for fantasy football type of games, there may be options to buy NFTs with fan tokens or staking incentives may be provided for liquidity provision of MTRK together with other fan tokens or Matrak Published native game tokens. You can obtain passive income as a liquidity provider to some of these pools.

Games can be played on a myriad of platforms mostly desktop and mobile until consoles integrate crypto currency functionality. You will be able to launch games from web site as well as from the studio’s own web site.

We plan to develop a SuperApp for trading of Matak tokens, staking, NFT purchasing and trading as well as for liquidity provision on various DeFi platforms including DEXes. Mobile versions depend on PlayStore and Apple Store rules which often limit crypto-based purchases of in-game items.

Absolutely. Just drop a line to [email protected] and get in touch with us. Our APIs for GameFi-as-a-Service and NFT-as-a-Service are simple to use which through a few guided steps will allow you to distribute your game through Matrak platform. Let us help you commercialize your digital games.