The native token of Matrak NFT Games has four core utility type functions:


Matrak Games has completed a pre-sale on a centralized exchange on 15th of September 2021. Early purchasers of Matrak Tokens will now be able to trade their tokens on DEXes starting from January 2022. Pancake Swap will be the first DEX to commence trading to be followed by other EVM compatible platforms like Polygon (MATIC) and Avalanche (AVAX) networks. Please check Roadmap for DEX listings and other planned activities.

Crypto-gamers and investors can choose CEX and DEX  based access to purchase and trade Matrak Tokens. CEX trades require KYC and suited for local investors whereas DEXes are suited for global crypto-gaming audiences.


Matrak is a fixed supply token. Over its lifetime, a maximum of 500 Million MTRK tokens will be in circulation. 30% of MTRK tokens were sold during IEO in Sep’22 40% of which is in active circulation whereas 60% is held by long term institutional investors including the CEX itself occasionally for market making.


Team tokens (30%) are locked for 3-years with no cliff or unlock during this period. 60% of total supply (200 Million) MTRK tokens are allocated for Ecosystem Development Fund (EDF). This is used for global expansion and incentivizing Gaming Studios through staking. With a moderate inflation, the EDF will be entering into circulation in 5-7 years. No more than 40 million (200 Million/5 years) can enter into circulation in a calendar year and if less than this annual quota is released, the remainder is rolled-over to the next year. Ex: If 35 Million Tokens are spent in year 1, next year’s quota being 40 million means up to 35 million can be claimed in Year 2 in addition to the rolled-over amount. This will extend total the circulation to 7 years after which all tokens including the team will be in circulation.

Matrak Platform Gelirleri

Matrak platformunun başlangıçta kullanıcı topluluğunu geliştirmek, ekosistemine yeni ortaklar eklemek ve gelecekteki geliştirme çabalarını finanse etmek için üç tür platform geliri vardır. Daha sonra platform geliştikçe, yönetişim kararlarına istinaden aşağıdakilere ek olarak yeni gelir metodları eklenebilir: